Hi, my name is Tony Anastasi

I film stuff for startups in China

Aussie filmmaker stuck in China...

Here's my story...

Been shooting a self-funded documentary film since 2011 on a new high-tech biotech cancer treatment that's only available in China. Also been hanging out with Clean Energy startup (fuel cells & flowcell battery), biotech startup (cancer), medical clinics (hi-tech stroke treatment), health food startup (cordyceps), mining (gold recovery) and Augmented reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) startup (the fun stuff!) and a couple of kickstarters. Pre-production stage: reality tv show producer - charity based support for orphanages with clean energy etc - aim to start end of year 2016 into 2017. ....and If possible I want all my teams to be outfitted with mobiles as they will be the film crew as well as the teams in the show. I'm learning app writing and will set out to create a video media collaboration to cloud app, to make it easier to get the footage for later editing. Looking at adding features that should make managing collaborators roles, input, and interaction as simple and straightforward as possible. Which will make leveraging the power of group storytelling and make their experience more effective for everyone.

Check out some of my projects and passions

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Next Generation PDT

in China, shooting self funded documentary film on a new Biotech cancer treatment that uses a targetted agent and lasers to kill cancer cells in just 45seconds
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Alpha Omega Energy

Clean Energy startup focused on fuelcells and flowcell battery tech
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Charity focused Reality TV show producer

end of year project - aim to support orphanages and their kids with clean energy etc
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Zero Lives Remaining

Zero Lives Remaining

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